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兵庫県教員採用試験 小学校教諭・一般教養(2018英語 問題)

【12】教室で英語を指導する際に使う表現になるように,( )内の与えられた文字で始まる適切な英語1語を書きなさい。

1 ペアになりなさい。(M    ) pairs.
2 よく頑張りました。 You did a good (j   ).
3 よく聞いてください。Please listen (c    ).
4 今日はこれで終わりです。  That’s (a    ) for today.


There are two forms of communication  : verbal communication and non-verbal communication. Gestures are one form of non-verbal communication. Gestures are very important in communication.
It will be easy for you to communicate with others if you use gestures. The number of tourists from overseas is increasing in Japan these days. Foreign tourists often can’t speak Japanese, so they usually try to use gestures in communicating with local people. Also, for learners of foreign languages, gestures are very useful in expressing what they want to say. When trying to express something in a language, you can take advantage of gestures even if you have no idea how to say what you want with words.

However, we need to pay attention to the meanings of the gestures. The same gestures don’t always have the same meaning. For example, a gesture which means “please come here” in Japan has a different meaning in the United States. It means “go away” there.

Thanks to the development of technology such as the Internet, the world is getting smaller and smaller. We often communicate with people from other countries by e-mail or SNS. So it is a fact that you need to learn and master ➀ their languages. However, gestures still play an important role in face-to-face communication, so we should learn and master gestures as well.

1 下線部①の英語が表す語を,本文中から2語で抜き出して書きなさい。

2 本文の内容と一致するものを,次のア〜オから2つ選び,その符号を書きなさい。
ア  Gestures are very useful because all gestures have  the same meanings all over the world.
イ  Recently,  more and more people are coming to Japan from abroad.
ウ  The only way to communicate correctly with others is to learn and master gestures.
エ  Thanks to the Internet, gestures are becoming more important in communication.
オ  Gestures can help learners of foreign languages express themselves.

Mother:  Now, we’ve bought grandmother’s birthday present.
Child :   Mom, I want to give her some flowers too.
Mother:  That’s a good idea! She loves flowers. Well, let’s go to a flower shop.
Child :   I want to go by myself.
Mother:  OK, I’ll go to your grandmother’s house first.
Child :   Mom, tell me the way to the flower shop.
Mother:  OK. First, walk along the street and turn right at the second corner, then walk for two blocks and turn left. You’ll see a (①)on your left.
Child :   Got it.
Mother:  The flower shop is in front of that. After you buy flowers, come to your grandmother’s house.
Child :   OK, her house is next to the fire station, and there is the post office in front of her house, right?
Mother:  Yes, that’s right. After going out of the flower shop, go to the ②[ right / left ] and walk to the first corner.
             You will see a book store across the street. Turn left at that corner. 
             Walk along the street and you’ll see the post office on your left.
Child :  I understand. OK, mom, I’ll see you at my grandmother’s house. Mother: OK. See you then.

1 Fill in the blank ①.
2 Choose the appropriate direction, right or left at ②.
3 Look at the map and answer in the correct letter (alphabet).
(1)Which is the flower shop?
(2)Which is the grandmother’s house?
4 Choose the sentence which shows the right way to the grandmother’s house from the station.
ア Turn left at the second corner and go along the street for two blocks.
    It’s on the right comer. It’s across the street.
イ Turn left at the first corner and walk for one block, then turn right and go along the street for two blocks. It’s on the left comer across the street.
ウ Walk along the street and turn right at the third comer. You’ll find it on your left.

2018  兵庫県
問1 次の会話文を完成させるのに最も適切なものを,下のア~エからそれぞれ1つ選びなさい。
(1)A: I must be going now.
       B【   】
ア You’re welcome.  イ Not too bad.  ウ  Nice meeting you.  工 I’m afraid not.

(2)A: I have a question.
       B: Ok, 【   】
ア go ahead.     イ I’m afraid not.    ウ let’s do so.   エ how about you ?

(3)A: Excuse me. Do you have [             ]?
       B: Yeah. It’s nine thirty. 
  ア time       イ   times      ウ    a lime    エ the lime

(4)A: Hello. This is Mike speaking.
       B: [            ]         1 me, I didn’t hear you.
  ア Call     イ Help     ウ  Pardon     エ   Repeat

問2 次の空欄に入る最も適切なものを,下のア~エからそれぞれ1つ選びなさい。
 (1)He finished [             ] his report.
  ア   written    イ   writing    ウ   write    エ   to write

(2)If you need any help, please [           ] me know.
 ア   get    イ   give    ウ tell    エ let

(3)My friend [   ] in Himeji yesterday.
ア arrived  イ  transported   ウ  reached    エ   got

(4)My mother [ ] me that I should see the doctor.
 ア spoke    イ   talked    ウ   said    エ   told

(5)[      ] of the students has his or her own bicycle.
 ア   Each    イ   All    ウ   Every   エ  Both

In 1853, Matthew Perry came to Uraga with four battleships and demanded that Japan open the country. As a result, Hyogo Port, which is now called Kobe Port, was opened on January 1,1868. On May 23,1868 Hyogo prefecture was established. Its government was located near Hyogo Port, so the prefecture was named after it.

Since then, many foreigners have introduced various things to Japan through Kobe Port. Among them was a British man called Arthur Hesketh Groom who came lo Kobe in 1868. He succeeded in his trading business and became very rich.

One of his hobbies was climbing mountains. Groom often climbed Mt. Rokko in Kobe and enjoyed the views from the top of the mountain. His love of Mt. Rokko led him to build a cottage there in 1895. It was the first one that was built on Mt. Rokko.

One summer day in 1896 he and his friends had a party in his cottage and one of his friends said that he wanted to play golf. It was then that Groom thought to develop a golf course on Mt. Rokko. Kobe Golf Club,the first golf club in Japan, was founded on February 27,1903. It was also introduced in London in 1904.
The golf club was open to women and the first Ladies Competition was held the following year.
Groom devoted himself to the development of Mt. Rokko throughout his life. So, The Groom Festival is held every June in Kobe lo honor his contribution.

(1)グルームが六甲山にゴルフコースを造ったきっかけはどれか。 次のア~エから1つ選びなさい。
ア Because one of his friends asked him to make a golf course in Kobe.
イ Because he liked to play golf.
ウ Because he wanted to be the first person to make a golf course in Japan.
エ Because one of his friends said that he wanted to play golf.

(2) 神戸ゴルフ倶楽部で,最初の女性の大会が開催された年はどれか。次のア~エから1つ選びなさい。
ア 1903年     イ 1904年  ウ 1905年  エ 1906年

ア   Matthew Perry named the prefecture near Hyogo Port Hyogo Prefecture.
イ   Groom liked Mt. Rokko very much, so climbing mountains became his hobby.
ウ No one had ever built a cottage on Mt. Rokko before Groom did.
エ   The Groom Festival is held to develop Mt. Rokko every year.